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Virtual Museum and Photo Galleries

 Memorial to Military Sons | Photos of Glendale (Julia) Before 1900 | Photos of Glendale Before the '28 Fire | Photos of Glendale After the '28 Fire | Photos of Logging & Lumbering Around Glendale | Photos of Glendale Junction | Photos of West Fork (Dothan) | Photos of Communities and Locations of Interest Around Glendale| Early Postcards of the Area | Map of Historic Communities of the Area |Gateway to Early Maps of the Area 


The Cow Creek Historical Society periodically produces Newsletters regarding historical events in the local community.  If you would like to read some of those past Newsletters please click below:

Thank you for your interest in the Cow Creek Historical Society, the history of Glendale and the communities around the Cow Creek valley.  The CCHS is the custodian of one of the exceptional historical properties in the Valley...the Springer Martin House. 

Please consider joining the CCHS so they can continue the important work of preserving the history of the Valley and its' people.

The mailing address is: CCHS; 7331 Azalea Glen Road, Glendale, OR 97442.  The dues are $15/year for each family or individual.


White The CCHS virtual museum and photo galleries contains information from the communities of Glendale, Azalea, Wolf Creek, Canyonville, Fortune Branch, Dothan (West Fork), Golden, Galesville, Starvout, Anchor, Quines Creek, Fir Point, Binger, Reuben, Ferndale, Booth, Langdon, Brandt and other communities throughout Southern Oregon.